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SBM V660 A
Electronic wheel balancer with a 19 TFT monitor and Windows CE operating system.
SBM V660 A is aimed at shops with average volumes of wheel services and can operate on all types of cars, motorcycles, and light trucks
wheels. Thanks to its new design entirely conceived of for better access to the inside of the wheel, and its extreme ease of use, it is unique in its fi eld.
Equipped as standard with ALUEASY front automatic gauge, a new automatic recognition balancing program, and a wide range of accessories,it allows customers immediate balancing.
SBM V660 A
Self-diagnosis Feature;
Self-adjustment Feature;
Balancing program with automatic recognition function of the spring-clip weight and/or adhesive
11 programs for car wheels;
5 specifi c programs for ALU;
Program for weights hidden behind spokes;
5 programs for motorcycle wheels;
Static imbalance optimization program;
Multi operator program (3);
Messages in 25 languages;
Confi gurable screensaver
Technical features
- Simple and intuitive GUI; information
is even more clear thanks to a 19 TFT monitor
- Large weight tray equipped with several compartments for weights, cones and clamps
- A new keyboard with 5 raised keys for even higher tactile quality and greater features when selecting the various menus
- Mechanical brake pedal for even greater ease of use
- New ergonomic design for better access inside the wheel
- The ALUEASY internal keypad allows quick and easy positioning of adhesive weights in alloy wheels automatically obtaining diameter and distance measurements
- New external keypad to automatically obtain width, it allows greater
productivity by making the machine fully automatic (available as an accessory 1695 656 721)
- Large protection guard for wheels with
a maximum diameter of 1150 mm
Technical specifications
Max. wheel diameter 1200 mm.
Rim diameter da 10" a 26"
Wheel width da 1"  a 21"
Max. wheel weight 70 Kg.
Net weight 131 Kg.
Electric motor 1 HP
Pression of pneumatic circuit BAR
Balancing speed (rp.m.) 208-250 giri/min.
Noise db
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