sicam srl
SBM V955
Electronic wheel balancers designed to operate on truck, bus, car and motorcycle wheels thanks to the double rotation speed system automatically
selected according to the type of
Both equipped with a lift to easily centre the wheel and to lift up to 160 kg in weight. The wide range of programs available make these two wheel balancers the most complete of
their category.
SBM V955
Self-diagnosis and self-adjustment function;
5 programs for truck wheels
11 programs for car wheels;
5 programs for motorcycle wheels;
5 specific programs for ALU (only in carmode);
Static imbalance optimisation program;
Multi-operator program.
Program for weights hidden behind spokes
(only in car mode).
Technical features
Technical specifications
Max. wheel diameter 1200 mm.
Rim diameter da 6" a 40"
Wheel width da 1"  a 24"
Max. wheel weight 160 Kg.
Net weight 254 Kg.
Electric motor 110/230V 50-60Hz HP
Pression of pneumatic circuit 8-12 BAR
Balancing speed (rp.m.) 100 giri/min.
Noise db
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