sicam srl

Stargate Capital, Munich Acquires Beissbarth and Sicam from Bosch 

SA 880 DłSA 680 R - 685 RSA 660 - 660 R - 665 R
Technical features
Ability to measureAccuracyField measurement
Full alignment ±'±º
Partial alignment ±'±º
Camber angle ±'±º
Wheel misalignment ±'±º
Drive axis angle ±'±º
Caster ±'±º
Camber ±'±º
Steering angle difference ±'±º
Steering angle (front axle) ±'±º
Steering angle (rear axle) ±'±º
Alignment correction range ±'±º
Additional measurements
Rear axle offset ±'±º
Wheel offset (rear axle) ±'±º
Track width difference ±'±º
Lateral offset left / right ±'±º
Wheelbase difference ±'±º
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