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The new F16 is a 30" automatic leverless tire changer which assures a fast effortless tire changing.
Intuitive with high level of technology, this equipment make the job simple as you’ve never seen.

By placing two laser pointers the machine recognizes the dimension of the wheel.
Completely electromechanic, all movements are driven by motor inverters to guarantee precision and reliability.
Technical features
30" automatic leverless tire changer
Easy and precise locking system, faster than any other in the market
Unique tooling system
Inverter solution technology
2 laser pointers
Intuitive control panel
Side lift with lifting capacity up to 80 kg
Completely electromechanic

Scope of delivery
2 x Centre locking protection
2 x Cone protection tool locking system
2 x Pin protection locking system
1 x Cone Ø70 mm
1 x Bead locking plier
3 x Rim protection kit
3 x Mounting tools protection
1 x Flange reduction
1 x Weight scraper
1 x Brush
1 x Grease pot holder

Technical specification
Power supply 230 V 1ph 50 - 60 Hz
Air supply pressure 8 - 10 Bar
Rim diameter clamping 12" 30"
Max. Wheel diameter 1,200 mm (47")
Wheel width up to 16"
N. turntable speed 2 speed
Rotation speed 7 - 16 rpm
Bead breaking force 14,406 N
Technical specifications
Max. wheel diameter 1200 mm.
Rim diameter da 12" a 30"
Wheel width 16"    
Max. wheel weight Kg.
Net weight Kg.
Electric motor hydraulic circuit HP
Electric motor reducer HP   
Pression of pneumatic circuit Bar
Pression of hydraulic circuit BAR
Bead breaker force 14,406
Lift force Kg.
Noise db
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