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FALCO EVO 630 V8 - V6
The FALCO EVO 630 is a 30" tyre changer for high volume workshops and offers all features and user benefits with
maximum comfort to perform the perfect and effortless tyre changing. Equipped with center post clamping system for a
faster and easier locking system can handle large wheel sizes max 15" and wheel diameter up to 1.200 mm without
using any kind of spacers thanks to the new helper device equipped with double horizontal arms.
FALCO EVO 630 V8 - V6
Standard mounting head (V6 variant)
Technical features
The G -Frame structure of the FALCO EVO 630 provides a stable and functional design increasing the rigidity of the
tyre changer and the Ergo Control hand bead breaking system with the Side Lift NG allows the user to work always
in ergonomic position and safety condition. The integrated inverter solution offers a proportional electronic control of
the turntable speed. A dditionally the TLL leverless system offers the perfect bead extraction which leads to a faster and
easier demounting process.

Scope of delivery:
- 1x Lubricant brush
- 1x TLL protection kit
- 1x Wing side protection kit for TLL
- 1x Bead breaker plastic protection
- 1x Bead pressing device
- Helper device with double Horizontal arm
- Ergo Control
- Boost inflating system
- Side Lift NG
- 2 x Center locking protection
- 2 x Cone protection tool locking system
- 2 x Pin protection locking system
- 1 x Cone Ø70 mm
- 2 x Memory ring for horizontal arms

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