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FALCO EVO 624 V8 - 624 IT V8
FALCO EVO 624 V8 and FALCO EVO 624 IT V8 are pneumatic tilting back pole passenger car tire changers. They are equipped with a 24" (external clamping) turntable.
Tire and wheels safety, absolute reduction of the operating arms flexions during the demounting procedures for any kind of tires even the most difficult "low profile" and "run on flat tire" (RFT).

Pneumatic locking of the mounting head + movement of the TLL allows to perfectly follow the rim profile making easier the access of the tools and allowing perfect bead extraction.
FALCO EVO 624 V8 - 624 IT V8
Technical features
Fast and Robust for High volume workshops
Ergo Control bead breaking system
Helper device (slim, 2 independent points, easy control)
TLL tyre leverless system
Rigidity : G-Frame structure

- 1x Lubricant brush
- 1x Bead lever
- 1x Jaws plastic protection kit (4 pcs.)
- 1x Tongue protection kit for demounting head (5 pcs.)
- 1x Wing side protection for demounting head
- 1x Bead breaker plastic protection
- 1x Bead pressing device
- 1x Roller board for bead breaker
- 1x Helper device Tecnoroller NG
- 1x Ergo Control
Technical specifications
Max. wheel diameter 1200 mm.
Rim diameter da 10" a 24"
Wheel width "    
Max. wheel weight Kg.
Net weight Kg.
Electric motor hydraulic circuit 230V/1ph - 400V/3ph HP
Electric motor reducer HP   
Pression of pneumatic circuit 8 - 10 Bar
Pression of hydraulic circuit BAR
Bead breaker force 11500 N
Lift force Kg.
Noise db
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