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TECNOROLLER NG is a pneumatic device to assist during mounting and demounting operations of any type of passenger car and light commercial vehicle tire.
It is especially recommended to mount and demount UHP and RFT tires.

TECNOROLLER NG is designed to offer a great user experience, control switches are accessible from any working position and the high positioning of the follower arm facilit tes all operations on the tire bead.
1. It has separate movements of the pressing tools, allowing a precise control of the operation, giving the possibility to press or release only in one specific point where needed.
2. Locking system to fix the horizontal arm in position when
3. Follower arm as standard in all configurations.
4. Control switch always accessible from any working position.
5. Space saving, small dimension to avoid interference during other operations.
6. Possibility to upgrade with a 3rd pressing point (accessory operating on the right side of the wheel 3 o’clock).
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