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FALCO EVO 624 S - 624 S IT
FALCO EVO 624 S and FALCO EVO 624 S IT are pneumatic tilting back pole passenger car tire changers. They are equipped with a 24" (external clamping)turntable and a 4 position adjustable bead breaker.
Tire and wheels safety,absolute reduction of the operating arms flexions during the demounting procedures for any kind of tires even the most difficult "low profile" and "run on flat tire" (RFT).

FALCO EVO 624 S models:
- With and without IT
- With and without TECNOROLLER NG
- Two drive motors
- With and without Ergo Control

FALCO EVO 624 S is also available in the V3 variant, with pneumatic movement of the mounting head.
FALCO EVO 624 S - 624 S IT
Technical features
G-Frame rigidity
Motor inverter drive system (1 Ph)
Safe, convenient and reliable
Get4Get: 4 years warranty

-Tire inflation and blast of air are controlled by pedal
- Bead seating is directly ejected by the 4 new designed jaws


Ergo Control is a hand bead breaker system that allows you to execute the operation of tire-beading always in an ergonomic working position, reducing the time with less effort while always being in a safe position.
Ergonomic working position: the back is less stressed with respect to the traditional system, just stand in front of the wheel.
Increase of safety: the use of the main bead breaker lever (patented) avoids shock to the operators arm making bead breaking a safe operation.
Reduction to the risk of wheel damage: the control by using the lever gives the operator a maximum of sensitivity.
Intuitive, easy to use: the movement of the blade can be driven by only a finger
Technical specifications
Max. wheel diameter 1.200 mm.
Rim diameter da 10" a 24"
Wheel width 12,5"    1380
Max. wheel weight 80 kg. Kg.
Net weight 445 Kg.
Electric motor hydraulic circuit 230v|1ph - 400v|3ph HP
Electric motor reducer n.d. HP   
Pression of pneumatic circuit 8-10 Bar
Pression of hydraulic circuit n,d, BAR
Bead breaker force 11500 N
Lift force n.d. Kg.
Noise >75 db
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