sicam srl
Fully Automatic universal tyre changer. By the means of the movable remote control unit all movements of the working arm and trolley are radio controlled. The six-jaws universal chuck
(patented) made the machine particularly suitable
for handling truck wheels, farm wheels, earthmoving and industrial wheels from 14" to 56" with grooved rim, tubeless, with ring and bead wire.
Technical features
- Six-jaws universal chuck with two rotation speed
- Automatic working arm and trolley
- Locking jaws with different gripping possibilities
- Radio frequency movable remote control unit
- Hydraulic gearbox with pressure regulating valve
- Working arm with quick rotation system
Technical specifications
Max. wheel diameter 2300 mm.
Rim diameter da 14" a 56"
Wheel width "    1300
Max. wheel weight Kg.
Net weight 1030 Kg.
Electric motor hydraulic circuit 1,1Kw-230/ HP
Electric motor reducer 3-4 HP   
Pression of pneumatic circuit Bar
Pression of hydraulic circuit BAR
Bead breaker force
Lift force Kg.
Noise db
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