sicam srl
Semiautomatic tyre changer with swing arm for 10" to 23"
wheels, able to work on 20" alloy rims without using special
attachments. Supplied with a tubeless tyre inflation
device worked by a front pedal which also carries out the
function of normal inflation. Designed to work on tyres
with a particularly large diameter and width.
Technical features
- Fixed pole with side opening.
- Tubeless tyre inflating device.
- Pneumatic bead breaker with device for three positions.
- Self-centring device on mobile tracks.
Technical specifications
Max. wheel diameter 1100 mm.
Rim diameter da 10" a 22"
Wheel width 11"    
Max. wheel weight Kg.
Net weight 202 Kg.
Electric motor hydraulic circuit HP
Electric motor reducer 0.75-1.5 HP   
Pression of pneumatic circuit 8-10 Bar
Pression of hydraulic circuit BAR
Bead breaker force 10000
Lift force Kg.
Noise db
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