sicam srl
Agricultural plus off the road and truck tire changer with an even wider application range. It can change tires up to 2.9 meters high and up to 2.8 tonnes heavy. It can also be applied to light trucks, heavy duty trucks, agricultural vehicles, skidder and trailer wheels. The working tools are controlled by a hydraulic system and the 6 chuck jaws (patented) is driven by an electric motor.JUMBO TCS 60
Technical features
Movement controlled by hydraulic system
Over 4 tonnes of bead breaker force
Wide working range with a max wheel width capacity of 1490 mm
From side to side with fast function for tool set-up
Clamping capacity up to 60" with extension (accessory)
Accurate and safe 6 jaws clamping system (patented)
Adjustable hydraulic pressure for light wheels
Chuck with bi-directional rotation function
Double speed rotation chuck allows safe operation with various wheel sizes
High performing pivoting tool with bead breaker disc and mounting/demounting hook
Quick tool set-up fully controlled through the remote unit with tangency positioning (patented)
Special wheel accessories available
Technical specifications
Max. wheel diameter 2900 mm.
Rim diameter da 14 (24)" a 40 (60)"
Wheel width "    1490
Max. wheel weight Kg.
Net weight 1750 Kg.
Electric motor hydraulic circuit 1,1 Kw/2,5 HP
Electric motor reducer 3-4 HP   
Pression of pneumatic circuit Bar
Pression of hydraulic circuit BAR
Bead breaker force
Lift force Kg.
Noise db
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